Neue Merchandise-Kollektion

Less Plus presents its new merchandise collection - a tribute to sustainable design.
Das Team vom Architekurbüro Less Plus

Testimonial der Bundesstiftung Baukultur e.V.

We are pleased to be a testimonial of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur e.V.

Förderer der Bundesstiftung Baukultur e.V.

We are pleased to be a supporter of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur e.V.

Wir sind die jungen Büros

We were part of the exhibition "Wir sind die jungen Büros" in Hamburg in October.

Jan Schölzel in Dortmund

We would like to thank photographer Jan Schölzel for photographing our studio in Dortmund.

Realisierung der Installation Schölzbach

We would like to thank the photographer Jan Schölzel for the photographs of our art installation in Dorsten.

Mitglied im BDA

Philipp Valente is now member of the BDA.

Installation am Schölzbach

In Dorsten, the implementation of an art installation has begun to make the Schölzbach more visible in the cityscape.

Wettbewerbsberater des RVR Gebiets

The Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR) has a new competition advisor: Philipp Valente.

Field Trip Rotterdam

We went to Rotterdam with our entire team to look at inspiring projects.

Award “Die Besten”

We are pleased that Vivien has been awarded the "Best" prize for her architectural draftsman training.

Jan Schölzel in Bottrop

We would like to thank the photographer Jan Schölzel for the photographs of our new studio in Bottrop.

Förderpreis Dortmund

It was a great honor for us to be awarded the Dortmund Promotional Prize.

Archiving Flux / Stasis | Structure

Together with Erieta Attali we conceived a double exhibition in Dortmund's SUPERRAUM.


Since we have often installed door hinges from Simonswerk in the past, it was a pleasure for us to support them in their advertising film.

Digital Research of Industrial Structures

For an in-depth study of the industrial landscape of the Ruhr area, we are cooperating with MapCad3D.

Field Trip Bavaria

We went to Bavaria with our entire team to look at inspiring projects and enjoy Bavarian food and drinks.

Competition Schölzbach in Dorsten

We are happy about the first place in the design competition to make the Schölzbach in Dorsten more attractive.

New Shirts SV Horst Emscher 08

We are very proud of the success of the SV Horst-Emscher 08 football team, in which Saskia Melchin plays.

Competition in Bad Honnef

We won the design competition to make a new cycle route in Bad Honnef more attractive.

Exhibition Berlin

What Matters is both the question and statement of this year’s work presentation by the JUNGE AKADEMIE, the international artist-in-residence programme of the Akademie der Künste.

New Living Space Bottrop

In Bottrop, a single-family house has to be demolished to make room for two apartment buildings.

Studio Less Plus

Nils Martens and Philipp Valente found Less Plus PartGmbB and, together with the Less Plus team, lay the foundation for a future-oriented architecture studio.

Competition in Bochum

Together with the office, Iris Dukat and Philipp Valente won the competition to build two new residential buildings with an underground car park in Bochum.

New Office Bottrop

Less Plus is currently building its new office in Bottrop.

Lokal und regional betrachtet: Sein & Schein in Architektur und Denkmalpflege

Philipp Valente was representing the studio in Dortmund on the day of the opened memorial. The topic of the panel discussion was “appearance and reality”- in historie, architecture and preservations of monuments.

Who were we, you and I?

As part of the Akadmie der Künste, Philipp Valente and Erieta Attali contributed to the publication “Who were we, you and I?” contributed. festival: 2050 – transformative straßen

With the young architect Jonathan Schmalöer, Philipp Valente led the seminar on streets in the Ruhr area, from large-scale industry to the metropolis. The workshop is aimed at people who recognize future problems as potential.

Career Talk: how to be self-employed and to manage projects alone

In a talk about self-employment, the young architect Philipp Valente reveals his path from employee to founder. Possible questions such as how to get your first orders, what to look out for when starting your own business and how to position yourself as a young office were discussed.

Project Stories: A behind the scenes look at architecture by NXT – structural change

The architect Philipp Valente representative for Less Plus dealt with the industrial landscapes of the Ruhr area and the structural change that occurs with it. He was invited to make his contribution to the series "Project Stories" and to give a short text on the working methods and philosophy of the office in which he addresses this topic.

Residence Akademie der Künste Berlin

As part of the scholarship from the Academy of Arts in Berlin, Philipp Valente had the opportunity to live in a studio in the old academy at Berlin's Tiergarten for three months.

Discovering the Ruhr Area with Erieta Attali on ArchDaily

Trips to different cities of the Ruhr Area over some days lead to good photographic constellations. Looking on the own home from different point of views and especially from a foreign point of view.